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Sunday, January 26, 2014

No Takers, So Back to Business!

Well Atlanta had a decent weekend as far as weather so I spent some time in the garage. I did a little touch up body work and started preparing for a little more primer.

    The blue vertical tape seems strange but the paper I used had perforations every foot or so,  I did not want it to separate.

    The truck is now back up against the wall so the Civic could come back in.

    I got a few decent offers for a trade and also a bunch that never followed up.Anyone that has played the trade game knows that you get a lot of offers that really do not add up to what you are offering. You also get some that you would like to trade for but they are just not quite right. Then the offers that you would take if some cash was offered along with it but never is. then there are the ones you would do but they never get back to you once you show interest. I have learned to not think too much on it and move on. I know what I have and I am not in need of cash so I will keep it for now.  I decided to delete the ads and continue work. I plan on covering the exposed bodywork then I may start taking it apart again for paint.

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