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Monday, January 27, 2014

First start of 2014 - Last June of 2013

    Another awesome day here near Atlanta so I had to get out in the garage. I decided to start the truck up. It had been a while to say the least. The last time I started it was June 23, 2013, when I fixed the shift lever!

    After pouring some gas in the carb, I had no luck starting it .... out of gas! I assume it evaporated from the long sit. A quick trip to the store and 5 gallons later she fired right up! I did find a small leak at the fuel filter so I will need to get some different clamps to replace the squeeze type that is on there now.

I moved it over to the middle of the garage and sanded a bit more on the body in a couple places that needed attention.. It is suppose to be in the 60s here next weekend so I hope to have it ready to cover the exposed body work in primer by then.

    The battery was down a bit by the time I was going to move it back to the wall so I used the jump box ... fired right up. this time I rolled open the windshield so I could see to drive (Duh). I put the nose closes to the wall and used the floor jack to slide the rear over ... worked like a charm!

    I did not take any pictures today but here is a cool video up the driveway and back! :)~

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  1. That's an impressive restoration project you got there! The leaky filter would have to be fixed though. But with your experience, getting parts should be easy as you were able to run your pick-up several times already. Good luck!
    Shaun Stille @