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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Glazed Like a Doughnut!

    A couple more hours of progress ....

    I started out pecking high spots on Friday. Flaws are easy to spot with my primer coat acting as a guide coat! I pretty much just go through and check out all of the little metal spots and if they feel high I tap them down. And there are a bunch of them! I had to stay on the driver side since the other side was against the wall.

    In the first photo you can see what I am referring to. This fender has not been glazed yet. The high spots are the dark spots you see.

You can also clearly see them on the cab in this picture ...

    Once I got the hammering out of the way I started laying on some glaze. I have had my glaze for a while and the garage temper has since fluctuated from very hot to down right cold. This has caused my glaze to be to thick. I had a hard time working with it but I did manage to get a little on. I'll have to pick up some fresh before I continue.

I told you this stuff was gonna be boring LOL ......

    I started the fender and put another coat on the  other areas with the second batch ...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

320 grit Done - Now to Spot and Glaze

    Got the majority or the truck sanded with 320 grit. Now to start looking for the blemishes and start fixing them. Some are obvious, some not so much.

All wiped down after a trip around the block. It started to rain while I was out. Fun jsut the same.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Sanding

    I am going to have to be creative with the titles for up coming blog posts. I anticipate a lot of sanding. I am sure the content will be just as boring. Sanding and more sanding!

    Non the less I will try and grab a pic here and there so you can follow along if you like. I do not think I will be able to get as much time in on it as I would like. We will see how it goes. I always say I am going to reduce the garage time so I have time to do other things around the house but I never seem to slack off much. I did enjoy the time I just took from it.

    Yesterday I wiped down the truck and got the garage cleaned up. I think all of this sanding dust is what causes me to loose motivation. It really is a pain to deal with. That's the price to pay using an attached garage. I'm just thankful I have a warm dry place to work on it!.

    Today I started sanding with 320 grit sanding block. As I go I will hit small imperfections with spot putty and glaze for larger areas. I am trying hard to concentrate on the cab but I have already found myself wandering off to a fender. Maybe I have ADD.

    I keep having to remind myself that I am not building a show truck. For those joining in late in the game, my original intention was to strip it, make it solid and repaint it with Rustoleum.
    Once I got started I decided to at least tone down the dents so the truck still showed some character but was a little better on the eyes. Problem is one half of my brain has a plan and the other half keeps saying make it perfect. My skill level needs me to stick to the plan! I could load it down with Bondo and make it look perfect but I don't see the point.

    My plan is to hit the truck with 320 grit and do all the minor stuff ... scratches, pinholes, etc, then start taking it back apart. Then I hope to hit everything with a clean coat of primer to cover the repaired areas and any bare metal. Sand that with 5-600 grit to finish it off. Then clean everything up and start painting. I am thinking sometime in the spring when its a bit warmer.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Long Overdue!

   Well it seems I took a bit of a break from the truck. I had a ton of things to catch up on here at the house as well as a much needed vacation.

    I decided to get a bit done on it over the Thanksgiving holiday. Not a lot to report really other than a lot of sanding. Once this stage of the sanding is done I will be ready for some glaze and spot putty.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fresh Primer On Passenger Side

  Cleaned things up a bit, masked off the truck and shot some primer....