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Friday, October 29, 2010

Odds & Ends

Well I did get to work on the truck a couple of days before preparing to leave for vacation.

 I removed the lettering from the drivers door, the top picture is of the passenger side and will be removed when I get back.

I removed the rear fenders and I striped the paint from one side of the bed and shot some self etching primer to keep it from rusting while I'm gone. This is a slow process using a wire wheel and palm sander. I would much rather have the truck media blasted in a day and be done with it! I do what I can with limited funds. I do not like using spray can primer on the bare metal but I think it will be OK if I find an etching/sealing epoxy primer of good quality. After some research, a lot of guys say no don't do it ... I'm going with the minority that say it's OK as long as you find the right one. I think today's primers in the can are of a better quality than the old days. Besides that I don't have a compressor or sprayer yet.

Previous colors
It looks like the truck was originally red, assuming the tan color is primer. Then it was a dark blue or green ... I cant tell yet. Then an aqua blue and finally the red that is currently on it.

In primer

Off with the old
 Notice the rear wheel sits too far forward of the original position. The rear is also too wide. It sits out about 4-5 inches from the bed side. To correct this would mean a new drive shaft and rear will have to wait.

My fist will just fit between tire and bed

Off center 5 inches
From the front
The other side.
Trans and oil leak .... OH NO
I have also noticed an oil leak as well as a transmission leak ...Grrrrr The trans leak is hard to see in the photo (left of the box) and it appears to be coming from the front of the trans. When I had the trans off of the engine there was a hole on the front face that would allow fluid out. There was no seal previously so I assumed one was not needed. The leak could be from the front trans seal. I did not replace that it did not appear to be leaking before. 

The engine oil(where the box is) is coming down from the rear of the pan and I am hoping that is the source of the leak and not the rear seal. When I replaced the seal the directions were not very clear with showing the lip of the seal that needs to face towards the front of the engine. Also the seal itself had what appeared to be a lip on both sides only different. The seal came with a diagram but of course their lip looked nothing like what I had in front of me. I used the best guess method.

I drove the truck up the street and back yesterday! I had to leave my driveway at an angle to keep the exhaust from dragging at the top of my driveway! It ran good even though it has a smoke issue. I am hoping that is just crud burning off the tops of the pistons and valves!

I also had to make a slight accelerator shaft adjustment with a hammer LOL to keep it from sicking on me. Another project ... another time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday October 16th 2010

I adjusted the clutch out a little more and it seems to go through the gears pretty good with no slipping but I can hear the throw out bearing when in neutral and it also squeals when I have the pedal to the floor. That will need to be replaced at some point before I reeally know if the adjustment is the best it can be.

Also I noticed the bottom hose was broken this AM so I went and picked up a new one from the local auto parts. I took the old one with me and matched it up the best I could. Started the truck and let it run for about 20 minutes to see if the blow by was still there .....The blow by is still there but it did not seem as bad today. My radiator cap is not holding a good seal since I cleaned it up and put it back together ... I need to find a gasket to replace the old one.

I've done about all I'm going to do with the engine for now and I will start the body stuff once I get back from WI in about a month. I can do this with a lot less cash all at once and will have to make a decision on the engine later.

I will try and post info and ideas in the meantime so keep checking back and thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 day catch up!

 OK, I'm not sure if I mentioned it but we got the gaskets on that were accessible without messing up the timing. Bolted on the alternator, water pump carb etc and got the engine back in! We had a heck of a time lining up the rear motor mount holes for bolts and broke the new distributor cap trying to get the rear clip on. Ordered another one but it has so many factory flaws I returned it and glued the original back together until I get home to get one locally.
 I think the firewall may need to be notched for the distributor to fit better.

New rear main seal
In she goes
Looking good

Ok so I got the rear trans seal in and painted the drive shaft. I also put form a gasket on the side trans cover. After installing the trans back in the shift lever was locked up tight! So back out with the trans. When I put the side cover back on the internal lever slipped out of place unnoticed. Got it back in and re installed the trans. tested and the gears change fine while not running ...started it up and no go!! Inspected the throw out bearing and found it to be installed wrong .... back out with the transmission!!! GRRRRR Got it back in and it seemed to fix the problem. Thanks for all of the help Danny!!

Seal before and after ..yes it was a bear to get out!
Cool brass drive shaft gold paint.

When we started the truck it had a huge water leak!!! We had one of the gaskets on upside down, no thanks to me!! I had to go to work the next day so while I was gone Danny fixed that issue for me ... thanks again!!!

2 pinholes popped up in the thermostat cover .... no time to address this so it got the electrical tape treatment until I can deal with it!

I had to load the truck up to haul down to my fathers in SW VA to get the exhaust manifold and exhaust. Pushed the truck on the trailer because it was not quite ready to run ... no water in it yet and no manifold or exhaust.

Got to my Dad's and located a manifold in West VA from a MOPAR guy. Took it back and painted it so it could be installed. Not an easy job! We had to remove the steering wheel and slide the shaft cover up to give us a few more fractions to allow the manifold to slip by the shaft. We also had to remove the 3 studs closest to the shaft as it prevented the manifold from going on.

The steering wheel had been forced on at some point causing damage to the groves, so it was a chore to remove. Also no retaining nut was used because the trim collar had a signal light tab keeping it up flush with the shaft. Too add to the chaos the firewall had 4 tack welds to the shaft cover ...I suppose to keep it from rattling.

After dealing with the steering, welds and bolts we finally got the manifold on. Whew! Thanks for your help Dad!!

BTW this was all done while the truck was still on the trailer and mostly in the dark! Old Skool LOL

I think the steering is from the Plymouth donor car.

After the fix, still need a nut but its tight.
I tried a 3/4 fine and a 7/8 fine ... one too big the other too small. I was told if it is an early Ford it will take a 5/8 ... I will have to pick one up and see.

Got up the next morning and took it to a local muffler shop to take our chances on getting in. The place was packed and it was not even open yet!! But the manager/owner said he would pull it in and out and do it between appointments but it had to be running problem ....yeah right!

We had pushed it off of the trailer before we knew this so I got in it and turned her over ...would not start ...first time ever! OK then I run the battery down trying to get it going. Dad taps the tank and it sounds empty off to get a new battery and borrow a gas can for some gas. Are we having fun yet?

Get back Dad fills the tank ...actually it did not take the full 5 gallons! It had plenty of gas, it just sounded empty! Replaced the battery and she started right up ...the battery was just on it's last leg and did not have enough juice to turn the engine fast enough to start. We also added 2 gallons of anti-freeze so it would not be running dry.

The good news is the shop had a cancellation for their 10 o'clock so there was no fear of it not getting done and delaying my trip home another day.


Had to avoid the gas tank.

Ok so we drive it about a half block to the trailer to load it back up and the gears are grinding pretty bad. We make a slight adjustment while it is half way up the ramp for easier access. Shifting better but still not right. We load it up and take her to my father's house. The next morning we go out and adjust it again while it is on the trailer but there is no time to test ...had to get back to Georgia.

Back in Georgia, unload and back it in the garage. The next day I go out and try to drive it and the clutch is slipping so bad I cant get up the driveway! Back to the drawingvboard!

This morning I removed the clutch rod and discard the bolt that was being used as a pin at the fork, cleaned up the rod and painted it flat black, adjusted for some pedal play and tried it out. No slipping but still grinding the gears! CRAP ....adjusted it some more slipping, gears still not quite right and a squeal if the pedal is all the way to the floor, about 3 inches up it stops squealing. I was fed up with it for today so I left it that way.

Very little wear on the fingers, Flywheel looks great

Clutch seems to be acceptable

I'm close to solving the clutch problem but of course 2 more problems replace that. This seems to be the norm for the truck so far.

Problem 1 ... The radiator appears to have sprung a leak .... I let the truck run for about a half hour and the leak stopped but the overflow tube kicked in and was letting out some serious water ... I will have to come up with an overflow bottle of sorts. Crossing my fingers on the leak. Oh BTW I think a couple of my welsh plugs are leaking as well. Figures LOL

Problem 2 .... I am getting a lot of blow by since putting the engine back in ...I don't remember seeing it before I took the engine out but it may have been there. Also the truck is emitting white smoke out the exhaust and it's not steam. I am hopping this will clear up ...maybe just some excess stuff burning off from having it apart ... dust oil PB buster etc. I imagine the engine is in need of a rebuild ...not sure if I will take that route or just save up for a replacement .... a flat head V8 would be nice! I'm not going to worry about it right now ...I have a ton of body stuff to do to it to keep me busy for a while.

I also had a problem with the radiator ornament/cap spinning on itself and not allowing me to remove the cap to put water in it. (I just had 2 gallons of antifreeze in it from the muffler install day). I finally got it off and dissembled it, cleaned up the parts and put it back together. It seems the screw was loose, allowing it to slip. Added 1-1/2 gallons of water.

I also took the upper dash out so I could get to the windshield crank to see if I could do anything about the slipping and pretty much not working unit. The two screws holding it to the windshield frame where too tight to get out and I did not want to damage them so I left it in. I did get a better look at the unit though. The gears are pretty much worn to nubs and the thing is shot. Also it is pop riveted together and it would have to be drilled out to access it fully. I took a triangle file and deepened the teeth I could get to and this helps it once you push the window out by hand about 4-5 inches while turning the knob ... after that the better teeth kick in and take it the rest of the way out and seems to hold it there.

Window crank unit exposed

Put the dash back in and and decided to clean the windshield as a last project of the day. The outside windshield had red paint over spray on it pretty bad. I put some degrease spray on it to give me a slick surface and gently scraped the surface with a razor blade ... I can see out of it now!!

Tomorrow I may have time to adjust the clutch again but that's gonna be it for about 3 weeks ... I have to return my sister's trailer to Virginia on Monday and get back to Georgia in time to leave for a family wedding in Wisconsin for two weeks!

Once I return I will most likely spend the winter working on the body rather than the engine and will post here daily ... or close to it LOL.

Again special thanks to:

My sisters boyfriend Danny for all of his help with the engine etc while it was in Virginia, also his brother for the loan of the engine hoist.

Thanks to my sister Melissa for letting me keep it in her garage while I worked on it. Also thanks for letting me grease up and paint her floor. I'm sure the car smells also made it into the house most of the time!

Thanks to my sister's neighbor Tony for the loan of his engine stand and torque wrench!

Thanks to my father(Roger) for his help with locating (thanks Benny) and installing the new manifold. Also for helping with the clutch problem and for ridding shotgun to the muffler shop!

And a very special thank you to my girlfriend Becky for putting up with all of the travel and away time to get this truck home!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trans mount.

I realized the mount for the trans is actually where the bell housing bolts up to support the rear of the engine and the only thing holding the weight of the trans and drive shaft are 4 bolts!! Looks like a trans cross member is in the future!

EDIT: After much research I have read that a front engine mount with the bell housing supported, like mine, is the proper way to install this. No worries ;)

Another day, another problem!

Went out this AM to finish tightening the manifold studs and there was a puddle of trans fluid on the floor. So I removed the rear seal and called NAPA ...part will be here this evening. So the engine install will be delayed.

I will take this time to remove the drive shaft and clean it up.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This morning ...

Got up early and removed the engine from the engine stand! I put the transmission and bell housing etc on the engine, Hooked up the trans linkage and installed the starter. Had to go to work so that's about it for today.

Got home from work and the exhaust manifold was here waiting on me! ... Wait, wait, um wrong one!!! The bolts on the new ones do not line up with my heads! Mine are staggered and this one has them lined up directly across from each other. So, it does not look like I will get the exhaust on before I leave. At least I can get the truck home. I should have the engine back in by tomorrow evening. Probably sooner but I have to deal with a tire balance issue with new tires on my daily driver.

No pics yet but I will get some in the AM.


Spent some time last night getting the carb cleaned up, painted the trans and cross member. Installed the Welsh plugs/freeze plugs/expansion plugs LOL as well as the manifold studs. Put the gaskets on the valve covers. Maybe I can get the engine in the truck today!

I still have to remove the flange bolts from the passenger side manifold. I played with it a bit last night and I am definitely going to have to heat it and possibly drill them out. That should be the last of the engine headaches!

I will try to get some pics on later today.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting there.

Spent the last few days cleaning and painting and assembling. It is starting to look like an engine again! I still have to paint the trans, and the one manifold I have, clean the carb, paint the alternator bracket and install the freeze plugs. And, I'm sure lots of little things I'm forgetting! I have to take another trip to town and pickup the freeze plugs and manifold studs.  I am hoping the missing manifold shows up this week.

Once the freeze plugs are in I can probably put the engine back in the truck! Note to self ... pick up some manual transmission fluid!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lifters, Seals, and Plugs ...Oh my.

Spent the morning gathering parts to try and get the engine back together. My gasket set showed up via UPS and apears to be the right set. Went to NAPA and got 2 radiator hoses, expansion/freeze plugs, oil filter and ordered a distributor cap. Then I went to Wal-mart and got 5 quarts of oil and 2 gallons of anti-freeze. Then to AutoZone for engine paint.

Had to take a break form it and shop for tires for my daily driver. Have an appointment at 10am this morninig. The good news is I have to return to NAPA and get a different size expansion plug and see if my distributor cap came in so I can walk next door to do that while the truck is getting tires. I will also take an exhaust manifold stud in to try and match that up.

I came home yesterday and removed the fan, water pump and fuel pump. I then flipped the engine to begin the rear main seal change and a lifter shot out. Flipped the motor back up and removed the valley pan and the lifters.

The original rear main seal was the old rope type and did not want to tap out. It would just mash down and bunch up. I loosened all of the crank bolts just a bit and pried up on the crank to remove some pressure and my buddy was then able to pull the old seal out with pliers. After some discussion of how the new one went in (lip towards the front, but lip was unclear) slid the new one in. Tightened the crank back up and applied some ATV gasket maker on the ends of the seal, and put the other half and tabs in the cap. replaced the cap .... done. I still have to get the torque specs for the engine and re-tighten the crank bolts etc.

It was still early so I decided to pop out one of the expansion plugs. I measured twice for the plugs and still bought the wrong size! I'm not sure why I wrote down an inch and 1/4 when they are actually 1 5/8 !!!!! Taking the first one out proved to be a little more difficult than I expected, but I got it. Once it was out I saw what was causing the difficulty .... crud was packed tight where there should have been a hole! Turned the engine on its side and dug out most of it. It was time for dinner so I gave up for the night.

Once my tires are done this AM I will come back and remove the rest of the plugs and clean out the holes, clean the parts I removed and start putting it back together. I will paint some of the parts and set them aside. I still have to clean the rest of the main block but I'm waiting until the heads are back on to protect the pistons.

Exhaust manifold status:

I received an email on Wednesday from the fellow I purchased the manifold from saying shipping was delayed but it was now on its way. As long as it gets here towards the end of next week I will be ok. Either way I have to get the truck back to Georgia ... manifold or not! Hey that manifold is what lead to all of this work!

I will post some pics in a while from yesterday!