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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Well the end has come. For those of you who stuck it out with me I say thank you! I know things slowed down this past year. I wish I could have gone to the next stage but life happens and it was time to move on to something else. That may be another blog! It's replacement will be here at the end of the week!

Last walk through......

bye ........

Monday, January 27, 2014

First start of 2014 - Last June of 2013

    Another awesome day here near Atlanta so I had to get out in the garage. I decided to start the truck up. It had been a while to say the least. The last time I started it was June 23, 2013, when I fixed the shift lever!

    After pouring some gas in the carb, I had no luck starting it .... out of gas! I assume it evaporated from the long sit. A quick trip to the store and 5 gallons later she fired right up! I did find a small leak at the fuel filter so I will need to get some different clamps to replace the squeeze type that is on there now.

I moved it over to the middle of the garage and sanded a bit more on the body in a couple places that needed attention.. It is suppose to be in the 60s here next weekend so I hope to have it ready to cover the exposed body work in primer by then.

    The battery was down a bit by the time I was going to move it back to the wall so I used the jump box ... fired right up. this time I rolled open the windshield so I could see to drive (Duh). I put the nose closes to the wall and used the floor jack to slide the rear over ... worked like a charm!

    I did not take any pictures today but here is a cool video up the driveway and back! :)~

Sunday, January 26, 2014

No Takers, So Back to Business!

Well Atlanta had a decent weekend as far as weather so I spent some time in the garage. I did a little touch up body work and started preparing for a little more primer.

    The blue vertical tape seems strange but the paper I used had perforations every foot or so,  I did not want it to separate.

    The truck is now back up against the wall so the Civic could come back in.

    I got a few decent offers for a trade and also a bunch that never followed up.Anyone that has played the trade game knows that you get a lot of offers that really do not add up to what you are offering. You also get some that you would like to trade for but they are just not quite right. Then the offers that you would take if some cash was offered along with it but never is. then there are the ones you would do but they never get back to you once you show interest. I have learned to not think too much on it and move on. I know what I have and I am not in need of cash so I will keep it for now.  I decided to delete the ads and continue work. I plan on covering the exposed bodywork then I may start taking it apart again for paint.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cold Weather Delay

Well I was all set to get this thing back in primer .... then the weather took a dive. Too cold for paint.
In the mean time here is a summary of things that have been done. I have some pending project for next week but this will give the weather time to get back to normal! I should have it back in primer in two weeks.

55 Plymouth running gear (259 Polysphere V8 )

Carter 4 bbl (needs prime when it sits a while) I cleaned it up and put a rebuild kit in it. No choke assembly I was gonna put on a Holey

3 speed column to Floor shift home made conversion.

New clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing

New engine seals and gaskets (including rear seal and valve seals)

New rear trans seal

New exhaust

New tailgate parts

New bed standards in rear

New Rockers

Metal Floor and seat surround

New Glass(slight green tint)

New window regulators - Window track needs to be fine tuned so windows roll up and down better, also new top felt has not been secured yet (waiting to paint)

New windshield regulator

New wiring (not a kit or original harness) also ran wires for future turn signals

Ooohga horn mounted under body on frame with switch

Smoothed firewall

New 35 Car front bumper and brackets

I think 40 front axle

Juice brakes

Painted frame

cut out all body rust and welded in new metal

Have new windshield rubber seal (for around frame)(waiting for paint)

Have 12 to 6 volt reducer in case old style gauges are run

has electric wiper motor (not on right now)

new brake and gas lines (brakes could stand to be bled from where I had to take the lines loose to remove body panels.

Mostly stainless bolts and washers

Fire wall and inside painted "Leather Brown"

Engine was painted shades of blue when it was put back together.

Seat and door panels(not on right now) in OK shape black and red stripes

Lots more I'm sure I am leaving out.....

No bed floor yet (frame is there)

Bed was shortened and the tailgate was welded on ... I removed the tailgate extended the bed out about 8 inches and put on standards and tailgate hardware so the gate would work as it should.

Dodge rear fenders and running boards were on it when I got it. The running boards were formed to match up pretty good ... although I did rework the front edges to flow better with the front fender. The rear fenders work OK but something else could probably be done to look better. Also, they don't match up to the beds original bead rolls. I had not gotten that far into it yet.

When I got it the gas filler tube came out of the side of the bed through a very rough cut hole ... I welded that hole up and for now the filler is coming off of the tank in the bed area. Something would need to be done there when the bed goes in. I moved the tank to the rear but decided to move it back.

Seat back was too tall when I got it so I shortened it and put it back together so that it would rest back further (just under the window frame)

Dissembled stock gauges and cleaned and put back ... not sure what will work and what wont ... does have old school oil and temp gauges in dash center that work fine. Most of the truck has been taken apart and parts cleaned primed etc then put back.

I bought the truck in PA, before that it belonged to Jim Sibley of Sib's Hot Rods who bought it from an old guy that claimed to race it back in the day.

Old truck definitely worked in its day I worked out as many dents as I could and used filler on smaller stuff. Still working on areas and about to prime again.

Basically an old school hot rod I am just reworking (fixing up) and it still needs work.

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