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Sunday, June 23, 2013

All Jacked Up and a Big Arse Door! or Transmission Woes and Let there be Light!

    Well it has been far too long since my last post! For those of you sticking it out, I thank you for your patients! I had to leave the truck for a while and get some much needed house stuff done. I guess you could say I have been restoring my house rather than the truck. The house is worth a lot more, so ..... Priorities!

In the months since my last post, the garage door decided to go into self destruct mode! Needless to say I had to have it replaced. The installer wanted the truck out of the garage .... when I went to move it something went in the trans shift linkage and I was unable to shift into first or reverse.

     There was work to be done!

Had to jack it up so I would fit under!

BTW ... Here is the new door .... it allows a lot more light for working on the truck! I was going to replace it myself but I didn't want to deal with disposing of the old door!

The old door did not have windows .. I'm gonna like this!

Some much needed light!

She's looking rough :(

    Once the door was on I got the truck back into the garage and took a look under it to see if I could see what happened. If you have been following along ... you are familiar with the shift mechanism drawings I did earlier

 .. if not here is the link LINK it will open in a new window.

    The spacer you see in the drawings had come off. I had tacked this on when I changed out the broken part for a new one. Since it is cast I obviously didn't do it right LOL ... I was not concerned at the time because the metal I used was too soft and I knew it would not be long before I would have to replace it anyways. I decided that rather than try to weld to the cast, I would just extent the steel on the shift lever instead.

    I welded on a piece of heavier steel and bolted the lever back on the truck.

yeah .. I still can't weld!

But it should hold  :o)

    So far it works great ... I don't know how much gas is in the tank ... so I didn't leave the garage.

    Here is a short video of it in action  HA!   Enjoy!

    Unfortunately, I still have the second floor of my house to do yet and some standard yard stuff, so I wont get much done any time soon :(    I am going to try and devote the weekends to getting the body in primer at last.

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