Follow @W4HDM 1935 Ford Pickup: 12/01/2011 - 01/01/2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tearing the insides out!

    I started taking the inside apart to ready it for paint. I started by removing the seat and the battery ...

 Then I removed the glove box. Well what resembles the glove box ... I will throw this out and get the original type or make one out of something a bit lighter.

    I removed the glove box door and sanded it down. While sanding the layer of old paint was so thick I decided to put some paint stripper on it to remove it all.

    I also removed the rear view mirror, sanded it and shot it with Reformer. While I was painting I went ahead and shot the two panels that cover the wiper motor access holes.

    I also removed the 2 gauges from the dash. I still need to unhook the sending unit from the block for the temperature gauge.

    I started sanding down the inner cab  but I did not get very far. I will not be taking this down to bare metal if I can help it since it will be covered later.

    I found this reinforcement strip/part to be rusted out at the bottom. I will repair this.

    I am also having some confusion with my windshield. It seems that 35/36 windshields are not installed like mine is so I am doing some research to find out what is going on with it.

    These next two pictures are so that I can post to another forum for reference. They are of the seal holding my windshield in ... the Fords I am seeing, the glass is installed with setting tape and a rubber seal goes around the outside of the frame, hidden from the outside view. In other words when you are looking at the truck from the outside you only see metal frame ... no rubber.

Inside view
Outside view
UPDATE: After posting my dilemma to the Ford Barn forum it seems someone adapted a newer rubber to my original frame. Once my glass and setting tape come in it should work just fine .. now to get the screws out of the 2 piece frame without damaging anything!!

I found this picture of the same type rubber on the back window of a 50s Chevy truck .....

Friday, December 30, 2011

Through the Looking Glass or Analyzing the Windshield

   I only spent a couple hours in the garage today. I wire wheeled the windshield frame. I still need to take it apart to get it all, but I wanted to see what I was working with first.

    It cleaned up nice, but I did find some rust ... why was I not surprised.

    The regulator cleaned up well too, but it has a few stripped gears. It takes a few turns before it will catch and crank the window out. I will probably have to replace this one day. I think the windshield will not stay shut if I don't ... I will have to look into it some more. Mac's used to carry a replacement but they have recently discontinued it :o(.

    A cool Patent stamp. I think it says  "Getto"

    And Santa brought another gift .... the window frame to cab rubber seal.

    When I ordered the above seal, I thought I was ordering the seal that goes between the frame and the window glass. No problem I can use this as well.

You can see the existing rubber well in this photo.

    After some research I have found there should be some sort of frame cover over the rubber (?) I still have to look into it some more, but I'm sure I am missing something. Fortunately the window will function fine until I get it straightened out. I think the piece I am missing is cosmetic only.

    Here is an example of one with chrome  trim and one with painted.

Click to enlarge.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Old - Some New.

I removed the old window channels from the passenger side door. Turns out they were a lot easier to remove than I had originally thought they would be.

And here are the replacements Santa brought me ....

I cleaned up the areas that were behind the channels and hit them with Reformer.

Santa also brought me some other goodies but I will leave you this picture and tell you about them later.

I put the door on the cab to get a feel for how it is going to look .... goofing off mostly ... LOL

I finished up the back of the cab and hit it with Reformer.

Then I removed the dash, side garnish piece, rear view mirror and windshield.

 Note the stamp on the mirror housing .... GUIDE Made in USA :o)

 I started sanding down the dash and area above the windshield. I had to use a wire brush and stick my hand in the hole where one of the covers goes.

I found some more rusted out metal :o(

I shot the inside of the dash with Reformer