Follow @W4HDM 1935 Ford Pickup: 11/01/2011 - 12/01/2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Door

Well I had big plans to spend the day working on the truck. I had to run to NAPA to get the gas hose to replace the soft one. Well I showered before I went and my downstairs bathroom flooded after. So I had to also pick up a sewer line tape to snake out my main drain ..... took most of my time :o(

Hand print on cab   ;o)

I did get the new hose put on ....

Sanded down some of the filler on the lower back ...

And I drilled out the set screw for hinge mirror that was broke of in the hinge.

Then I attempted to remove the pins so I could take the door off. I ended up breaking the top off the pin and still could not get the rest of the pin out. I imagine the bottom will be just as hard. I put a screw driver down the hole and hit it with my small maul but I cant get it to budge. I will work on it some more tomorrow.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A brief look at the doors.

Another Sunday cleaning & a quick look at the doors.

I removed the door panels and inner window moldings/trim on both sides.

I found this in the bottom of the driver door ....

It is the piece that the window glass sits in. I have two soaking in the vinegar tub so this makes three. One of them is in bad shape ... I will have to look and see if the one I found is the same as the one I have that's bad ... crossing my fingers!

There are some screws missing from the passenger side. I'm not sure what they were holding but it looks like window channeling is missing. Also a screw is missing from the door handle. All of these pictures are from the passenger side.

The damage to the drivers side door is going to be a challenge to fix ... the dents have obstructions on the back side so I can not bang them out. I will have to cut new pieces or get a dent puller and try it that way.

Messed with the gas again ... I think it is the soft hose collapsing and preventing gas from getting to the carb, I will probably replace that tomorrow and see if things change for the better. If not I will remove the carb and clean it good. Here is the bad hose ...

Back against the wall and all cleaned up for next week!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gas no Go

Not much for pictures today except this crappy overhead shot.....

I welded up the rocker today during what little time I had to devoted to the truck. After that I pushed it out and back in to get it in the center of the garage for more room. The reason I'm pushing? ..... When I went to move it the other day it would not fire up. If I pour some gas in the carb it will start right up but will not continue. I decided to see if I could figure out what was going on.

I pull the lines and and blew them out. Then I ran the input line from the fuel pump into some gas and the output line into a tub. After turning the engine over, the pump appears to be working correctly. I have one soft hose I will replace and I will go from there. That's as far as I got on it today.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday or Deja vu Rocker Number 2

I hope everyone has recovered from their Thanksgiving feast!

Pushed the truck out so I could get to the other side to do the other rocker. I also got some pictures of the damage I was referring to before. I will not spend a lot of time talking about the rocker poject today ... it is pretty much the same as the other side. I have it in place but I still need to weld it. I will let the pictures tell the story :o)

I did do a couple things different this time around. I drilled more holes along the top and I also drilled holes on the bottom lip. I did not do holes on the bottom on the other side and wen I went to tack the lip of the rocker to the inner structure it just burnt through. No issue I will have to do something with it before i put the fender back on.

Another hinge shot. I have been discussing the hinges and mounting pins as well as these holes on an online forum and I link back here for the pictures. I will discuss this more when/if I remove the doors.

Here are the pictures of the damage to the door and cab from an accident.

Rust just like the other side.