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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 30 2011: The Bed day 6

Again the pictures are flipping when I post to the blog, It has to do with Bloggers new editor. I can revert to the old editor but it only allows one at a time and does not let you insert them in the order you wan. I would rather see sideways pictures for now, so please excuse the hard to look at pictures.

I finished bending & shaping the piece for the driver's side,

Then I Mocked it up and tacked it in:

All tacked in and does not look too bad.

Tomorrow I should be able to finish up the other side, I started the bending today.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 29 2011: The Bed day 5

Today I had an attempt at building a metal brake .... it's not pretty but it does function. I do not think it is quite right my angles are not as crisp as I would like.

I played around with some 16 gauge steel.

The bed is coming along. It will not be perfect, but in my opinion it will be better than the rough edges of the previous shortening of the bed. UI also think the extra 5 inches will ad to the appearance. Hey if it turns out really bad I can always cut my work back off and still have the same size bed that I bought it with. I actually only lost about an inch off one side, the other side was trimmed slightly to even things up.

Note: My digital camera took a dive today and is no longer working so my photos will all be from my iPhone for now. One thing I have noticed is once I transfer pictures to my PC I edit them and upload to the blog. Whenever I have rotated a photo to correct the position the blog site somehow knows the original configuration and turns it back. So, that's why you see pictures that are not rotated correctly. Hey I wonder if having my digital in the garage while welding did something to the electronics in the phone ..... hmmmmm. So far no negative reaction to my phone.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29 2011: The Bed day 4

Today I bent and welded the other side on.

I am getting some warping from the heat of welding. I should be able to work this out with hammer, torch, and some shrinking.

Tomorrow I will attempt to build a metal brake so I can finish up the tops of the bed sides.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28 2011: The Bed day 3

Today I marked the length of the sides again, using 59 inches as a guide. 59 was the maximum length I could go to even up both sides.

The leftovers

Clean cut

Then I shaped the first piece for the lower driver's side. It only involved one bend ... the bottom lip. Once it was shaped I fit and welded it on.



August 27 2011: The Bed Day 2

    The bed still needs a lot of attention, like the bed frame where it was cut to allow for the gas tank filler tube to go through. I don't mind that the filler tube comes out where it does rather than the original location at the rear drivers side of the bed. But I do not like how it was done. The bed frame was completely apart and the hole in the bed was cut with a torch.

    I used a second piece of steel under the top rail patch to give it strength until I'm ready to complete the repair. I should be able to remove this once the repair is completed.

     For metal, I have been using the strips that where on the old wood bed to simulate hold down strips. I also have the old metal bed and a cab overhang from my sisters 2 ton truck she uses for her company. It is heavy steel (I have not measured it yet) and it's a little thicker than the bed sides. It was originally a 10' by 4' piece that  I cut in half so I could handle it

    To fix the large hole in the bed I needed to remove the frame for access. I drilled out the 4 rivets in the front (2 on each side). Since that was all that was holding the frame in, it slid right out. The back of the frame was just torched off.

 The frame had rusted screws sticking up from the old bed floor and had to be heated to removed. The PB  Buster they had been soaking in did not help. Each one broke off rather than come out.

    I had the frame out already so I decided to tackle the back end of the bed. If you have been following my blog you know the bed was shortened at some point to about 5 feet. I assume it was done back when the fellow was racing it to loose a bit of weight.
    The problem is they just cut it off with a torch and welded the tailgate on. In the process the bed frame was also torched and the cross member on that end left off.. The only thing holding the bed down, in the rear, was its weight.

    My plan is to even up the end cuts and attempt to add 6 inches to the end. Extend the bed frame accordingly and build a new cross member.

     I started by removing the brackets for the tail lights and license plate.

BEFORE: Passenger side tail light bracket

BEFORE: Driver's side light/tag holder

AFTER: Not finished yet

    Then I marked off where my cut was going to be with masking tape. I went with 58 1/2 inches to avoid hitting the tail gate with the cutting blade. I did not think about the saw hitting the lip of the tail gate as I made my pass, so I either had to shorten it some more for clearance or remove the tail gate. I opted to remove the tail gate.

Notice the tail gate is off .........

    I did not want everything flopping around once I got one end loose, so I braced up the end. I did not weld them yet. It is not critical to keep the measurements just yet.

There were 3 tack welds about an inch long on each side. I used my angle grinder with a cut off disc to separate the sides from the gate. Pretty uneventful.

With the welds in place
After I cut them

Other side with welds in place
Same thing .. I forgot to take a picture of the after :o)~

Tailgate off

Now it will be easier to work on this as well.

    Whats left

        Mark the ends of the sides again and cut.

        Extend the sides by 6 inches.

        Build stake pockets using the fronts as a reference, and attach.

        Repair the bed sub frame cross member.

        Repair the holes and the rust at the bottom of the bed front

        Build and install a rear roll pan

        Repair front cross member where it was cut out for the gas tank.

        Install wood floor.

        Decide on gas filler location


Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26 2011: The Bed

Today I was a bit sore from pressure washing the house yesterday, so I decided to take it easy today. I did mess with the truck a bit. I wanted to practice welding so I filled in a hole in the bed side.

Original hole
 First I worked the dent out with the hammer.......

You can also see the bed frame in the shot above. I will also fix that.

It doesn't look the best but it will hold. I still need lots more practice ... but I'm having fun!!